29 augustus 2015

Horseshoe Bend

Where Navajo sandstone meets the Colorado river

By Renate In Nature 1 minute

Where Navajo sandstone meets the Colorado river

About a mile south of a town called Page, Arizona, you will find this iconic location: a spectacular horseshoe-shaped bend. Horseshoe Bend is the result of centuries of erosion by the Colorado River. The bend is the result of the river finding the way of the least resistance, and leaving its mark in the soft Navajo Sandstone.

The lookout, Horseshoe Bend Overlook, is indicated along the road. From the parking lot it is a small trip to the lookout, where you will be able to enjoy the view. Not for those with vertigo, as there are no fences as you look down at least 300 meters into the river.  For the best picture you have to crawl towards the edge.

For the best picture, you really need a wide angle lens. Around noon is the best time to take pictures, at  that time the canyon is bathing in sunlight and you won’t be bothered by shadows inside the canyon. The blue-green water and the soft, orange-colored sandstone rocks look amazing at that time of the day. Really incredibly beautiful. The trip back to the parking goes straight up through the thick sand and takes some effort, but the view is more than worth it!

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