1 november 2015

Peaceful Munster

A great place for a city trip!

By Renate In Culture, Food 3 minutes

A great place for a city trip!

At the end of last summer, we had that feeling we’d like to get away for another weekend and since Germany has so much to offer, we decided it would be another trip to one of those nice German cities. Munster it was. Not a huge city, but one with a very nice, vibrant atmosphere, partially thanks to the students living in the city. When you visit Munster, you really cannot miss out on the following spots:

The old city
Münster is a city that keeps its history alive. Houses, churches and squares in the restored old town “tell” tales from different centuries. The best way to explore the old city is by foot. You can get a free city tour map with information at the local tourist office. Places you can’t afford to miss are the Prinzipalmarkt, the town hall, the hall of peace with all its history, the city wine house and the St. Lamberti. Below a picture of the hall of peace, where the peace of Munster was signed in 1648. Although the building was almost completely destroyed during the second world war (and carefully reconstructed afterwards), the interior of the Friedenssaal is still original. For 2,- you can take a glimpse inside this historical building. When you pass the St. Lamberti, look up and see if you can spot the three cages that were used to display te bodies of three Baptists movement leaders. Munster apparently wasn’t always that peaceful…

Munster Hall of Peace
The city castle and gardens
The city castle houses offices (lucky people working there!) and unfortunately cannot be visited. A couple of times a year, there is a large antique market in front of the castle. The castle gardens are open for public.

Munster castle

The Kuhviertel
The Kuhviertel is a very vibrant area, probably because there are a lot of pubs and nice places for lunch or dinner. Also, this is the place where lots of students find there way from university to the pub and vice versa. Munster has its own brewery, Pinkus Muller, which is worth a visit. You can also enjoy a great dinner here. Try a German specialty called flammkuchen. Something like a pizza but with a thicker crust and of course lots of cheese, onions and meat.

The Asee
The Asee is a great recreation area for both the people of Munster as well as tourists visiting the city. You can enjoy a drink, lunch or dinner at one of the many terraces, rent a boat, visit the Zoo or the Mühlenhof-Freilichtmuseum at the other side of the Asee. You can easily walk there but a boat trip with the solar ferry is also a nice way to get around.

The clock inside St. Paul’s Cathedral
The magnificent astronomical clock inside St. Paul’s Cathedral dating from 1540 is famous! Be there at noon and you will enjoy a true spectacle: at that time the three wise men will appear through an otherwise closed door and disappear again.

Munster clock

The port
The port of Munster has really become the place to be. At one side, it has still that industrial vibe, with abandoned buildings, warehouses and machinery and on the other side bars and cafe’s have popped up. A stroll towards the end of the port is definitely worth it: there you will find a club and city beach called Coconut beach. During the daytime you can relax in your lounge chair with your feet in the sand and at night great parties are being organized here.

Port of Munster