10 september 2015

London dining experience

Thou art hungry?

By Renate In Culture, Food 1 minute

Thou art hungry?

In the Mayfair district in London, situated in an 18th century building on Conduit Street, you can find the trendy restaurant Sketch. Making a reservation is strongly recommended, because Sketch is a very popular place for having lunch, dinner or a drink.

Sketch Londen

Master chef Pierre Gagnaire and restaurateur Mourad Mazouz are the people behind Sketch. It was their ambition to create a ‘triple dream’, a place where food, art and music came together, in which they very much succeeded.


Sketch consists of several completely different decorated rooms, in all of which art plays a very important part. Not like in a minimalist design museum where you are not allowed to touch anything, but rather as a place with lots of applied art, using it to create totally different rooms, all with a different athmosphere. One of the highlights of Sketch – besides the food – is a visit to the bathrooms. Blue lights for men and pink for the ladies lead you into the right direction, taking you towards small groups of giant eggs in which you can have your moment of privacy. A cleaning lady, armed with a feather duster, wearing a traditional classic outfit ensures the eggs will remain clean and fresh.What an experience!


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