10 december 2015

Everybody comes to Hollywood

According to Madonna, American Life, album 2003

By Renate In Culture 3 minutes

Hollywood. For years, lots of people have been coming here hoping to get a job in de film industry and get famous. Also, lots of people stop by to gaze at the big houses of those who succeeded in becoming a star. Personally, I don’t exactly understand why people love to visit Hollywood. It is overcrowded with tourists and everybody wants something from you: buy this, do that, take a picture with a fake celebrity etcetera, etcetera. And up in the hills, just some letters, right? For those who do not agree with me, or for those who happened to be in the neighborhood and just want to take a sneak peak at this circus called Hollywood, I give you some useful tips for a quick visit.

Get the best view of the Hollywood sign
If you just want to pop by for a quick visit, you’d best park your car at the parking underneath Hollywood & Highland. Go up to one of the top floors for the best view of the Hollywood Sign. You can of course get nearer to get a better picture, but on a clear day you will have a very good view from up here.

Hollywood sign

Shopping, movies and shows
Interested in going shopping or a movie? Hollywood & Highland is perfect for buying all kinds of Disney and Hollywood souvenirs. For a movie you’d best visit the Chinese theatre. Right in front of the Theatre, you will find the celebrity hand- and footprints and autographs in the concrete of the theatre’s forecourt. More interested in a show? Try the Dolby Theatre. You can also join a guided tour here. The building has been famous for hosting the Oscars since 2002.

Chinese theatre

Hollywood Boulevard
The heart of Hollywood is at the intersection of Hollywood Blvd and Highland Avenue. Here you will find the walk of fame with the names of famous actors, singers and bands. Besides Hollywood & Highland, the Chinese Theatre and the Dolby Theatre, you will also find Madame Tussaud here. A short walk away are more famous tourist attractions, such as the Hollywood Wax Museum, Guinness World Records Museum, the Hollywood Museum and Ripley’s Believe it or Not Odditorium.

Walk of fame

Get on the bus
Don’t feel like throwing yourself into the heavy traffic? A nice way to get around is by taking one of the tour busses. Starlinetours is probably one of the most famous touring companies. Try a movie stars’ homes tour, a movie locations tour or just take a ride with the hop on hop off bus to get an impression of Hollywoods most interesting hotspots, like the famous Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Around Hollywood Boulevard
A little further away you will find the Hollywood Bowl, an outdoor amphitheatre where events and concerts are being held. The Hollywood forever cemetery is the resting place of of hundreds of Hollywood’s greatest stars. Even further away you will find the Griffith Observatory, Southern California’s gateway to the cosmos, where you can visit exhibitions and gaze at the real stars.

Griffith observatory

Universal Studios
Still not tired of the movie scene? Visit Universal Studios for more movie madness and take a sneak peak behind the scenes on a real working movie studio.

Universal Studios Hollywood