6 september 2015

A land called Crete

There is a land called Crete in the midst of the wine-dark sea...

By Renate In Culture, Food, Nature 3 minutes

‘There is a land called Crete in the midst of the wine-dark sea…’

Homer, The Odyssey.

I used to think Crete was just a place where teenagers could party but how wrong I was. Crete really has it all: historical cities, nature, the sea and of course delicious food.

Getting there and around
Crete has two airports, one at Heraklion more to the east and one at Chania in the west. From city to city it is a two hour drive, so it would be best to figure out where you would like to stay first before booking your flight. At both airports you can rent a car but you can also use public transportation to get around. Don’t be surprised if a flock of sheep suddenly decides to cross the street.

Historical cities
Crete has lots of interesting bigger and smaller cities. In particular Chania, Heraklion and Rethymnon are worth a visit. The picture below shows the harbor of Chania. It’s a nice walk from this point to the Chania light house where you can enjoy the city from a little distance. Also, a visit to one of the food markets with all local products is advisable. Besides the historical cities, Crete has a lot of other interesting things to offer. Below you will find the most interesting hotspots.


Knossos or Cnossos is the largest Bronze Age archaeological site on Crete and is considered Europe’s oldest city. The name survives from ancient Greek references to the major city of Crete. The site was discovered in 1878 and excavations began in 1900 by the English archeologist Sir Arthur Evans and his team. Sir Evans also decides to restore parts of Knossos, which unfortunately lead to damaging the fragile fundaments of Knossos and makes it look quite peculiar. Still, it is not hard to see what parts of Knossos are original and what parts have been added at the beginning of the 20th century. You’d best explore Knossos with a guid. This way, you will learn so much more about the site and its history.

Samaria gorge

Samaria Gorge


Lassithi plateau
Lassithi plateau
Arkadi monestery
Arkadi Monastery Crete